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Brace yourself, Here comes The Angels!

We are super excited to announce the first ever klare week. An entire week dedicated to the paring of Clare Edwards and KC Guthrie from Degrassi. 

You can make anything you want, gifsets, edits, fan fiction, fan videos, fanmixes. Anything. You can make something for each day of the week, or even just one day out of the week. Just make sure that when you do you tag it with ‘klare week’ so that everyone can see what you’ve made and so we can reblog it here.

Klare week starts Sunday 20th April.

Day One: Favourite moment
Day Two: A song that reminds you of Klare
Day Three: Favourite quotes
Day Four: Future Klare
Day Five: Dream Klare scene
Day Six: Klare AU
Day Seven: Free Day

Also, please don’t post hate on any of the klare week posts. This is a week to celebrate the ship. It should be happy and totally hate free.

REblogging this here even though I never use this blog 

For any Klare fans here. 

Top 10 Degrassi Ships In Order:

KC Guthrie/Clare Edwards

God these two. Ugh man. I loved their built up in season 8. I felt it was realistically. Clare wasn’t ready for a relationship, and the writers didn’t push it. I loved that. I liked how KC didn’t take Clare’s BS but didn’t make her feel bad for having those kind of moments. He stood up for her, and defended her. He saw the girl under the uniform. He saw the beautiful that lay underneath and that is why I loved them. KC liked her and never made her feel like she had to change. Clare was able to open up to KC before anyone else. Not Connor, not Alli it was KC she confessed her insecurities. He assured her that she was more than even she thought she could be. I loved how Clare accepted his past even before he did.  I hate how they flipped his personality for Kenna. Its true. I will always love them, and no matter who Clare gets paired with OR if KC comes back and ends up with, they will always be my favorite. So much unexplored potential thrown away. Klare is forevergame <3 

Top 10 Degrassi Ships In Order:

1.) Spinner Mason/Paige Michalchuk

I loved them simply because they were friends first, and then a couple. Spinner and Paige always went back to each other. It was almost as if they never really got over each other. Spinner always looked out for Paige, and Paige with Spinner. They remaind friends even after he hooked up with Manny, and honestly I never got why they broke up. There was always such a deep love and respect between them, that I don’t think ANY Degrassi couple can even come close to that, They are my Degrassi OTP of all otps, and forever mad it wasn’t a Spaige wedding. 

I feel like I am the only one happy that they made the Alli/Leo abusive story a long term one

Not that I am happy she is getting hit, please don’t get me wrong, however with all the abusive story lines they’ve done, this is the first time they have done it over a span of more than 2 episodes.

I hate that it’s Alli cause she has so many relationship story lines, but I like that it wasn’t one or two episodes and its over. Some times if takes a long time for a girl to leave her abuiser.

I wish they did it with another girl like maybe Tori or Imogen maybe, but the idea of them doing a long term abuise story is one they haven’t done before.

Last Night on “After Degrassi” Aislinn spoke with a British accent

Which is a hard accent to do. I’ve taken accent workshops when I did acting classes and I must say, British was hard to do, and she was fine, but I had to keep stopping it cause her cuteness overwhelmed me.

What am I gonna do when Reign airs and I can’t push pause? Lol

Everyone is pissed about one thing or a other with Degrassi

And I am in a beautiful world full of Clenna goodness

Oh and Climogen FINALLY being friends

Like.. Omfg I am excited

You Aren’t Real, But My Love For You Is: KC Guthrie 

"Smiling just lets the world know you’re scared. Little Tip from my jail bird dad"


1) Give me a pairing.

2) Give me an AU setting.

3) I will write you a three-sentence fic.